Aggression: ~ Aggressions defined

Allergies: ~ A holistic approach ~ A holistic approach

Anal gland impaction: ~ Allopathic (conventional treatment) ~ A holistic approach ~ A holistic approach

Autoimmune disorders: ~ Immune mediated hemolytic anemia conventional treatment ~ IMHA holistic treatment

Back issues: ~ Dodgerslist is the premier website dedicated to information about paralysis in Dachshunds. This site offers amazing support and information for Intertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) or any back problems in dogs, especially dachshunds. They also offer a free support forum to get advice from other members. ~ A layman’s website with symptoms of IVDD, blown disk, costs around the country for back surgery.

Behavioral issues:


Dogs and Cancer: Get the Facts. A vet answers 10 commonly asked questions about cancer in dogs.

Congestive heart disease:


Dachshund Breed/History: ~ General Wiki info on the breed/history

Dachshund Colors:

Dental care:

Diabetes: ~ Listing of support groups

Distemper: ~ New treatment for distemper.

Drugs and medications:

Ear infections:

Epilepsy: See “Seizure Disorders” below

Flower essences:

Food: ~ Dog food reviews and dog food ratings updated regularly ~ Comprehensive site on diet options for dogs, including how to choose the best commercial foods, home-cooked, raw. Guidelines on what to look for and what to watch out for in commercial products. ~ “What’s really in pet food” ~ For households including kitties ~ Dog Food Reviews, Ratings & Analysis of all Major Dog Food Brands

Heartworms: ~ tells why heartworm prevention is a must for ALL dogs!

Heart disease:

Heat Stroke (Hot Dogs in Hot Cars): ~ This page is the link instruction for United Animal Nations’ campaign against putting dogs at risk for heat exhaustion/stroke.
Beat the Heat Summer Pet Safety

Holistic care: ~ Comprehensive source for holistic care of animals (and people).

Holistic veterinarian locator links: ~ Conventional and holistic vets

Homeowners insurance for dog owners:
The Ultimate Guide to Homeowners Insurance for Dog Owners

How to read blood tests:


Lost Pet:
Lost your pet?

Lyme and other tick borne diseases:

Moving With Your Pet:

Natural flea and tick control:

Holistic care: ~ Homeopathy for Dogs Conventional

Poisons and Toxins:
1-800-222-1222 is the National Poison Control Center ~ *Free* Hotline (listed on the front inner page of all phone books, 24/7 assistance) 426-4435 $65 per call, 24/7 assistance. Searchable database toxic/non-toxic plants
Doggie Emergency things to have on hand ~ Peroxide for inducing vomiting when applicable; activated charcoal for absorbing toxins when vomiting is not recommended.

SARDs (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration syndrome):

Seizure Disorders:
Canine Epilepsy Info (more)
How to Treat Dog Seizures


Support groups: ~ Mainly for back issue dogs but other health problems are discussed ~ Back issue dogs, mainly dachshunds

Vaccinations & Awareness: ~ Not for profit research project studying duration of protection for commonly given vaccinations for animals. ~ Information on titering and vaccination protocols ~ Information on combination shots ~ Rabies exempt form and states that offer it (FL included) Good News About the Latest Canine Vaccination Guidelines

Doggie Emergency things to have on hand:
Peroxide for inducing vomiting when applicable; activated charcoal for absorbing toxins when vomiting is not recommended.

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