Need Help?

I know a dachshund in need of rescue

FLDR’s mission is to help dachshunds in need, and frequently our priority is to rescue dogs who are in shelters or animal control facilities that euthanize. Each week, we get multiple requests for help. However, in some cases we are able to help a family who can no longer keep their dachshund. The first step is to fill out a surrender form at: ; sometimes we can mentor you to find help that will solve the problem and allow you to keep your dog. (We’ve seen it all!)

If you need to find a new home for your dachshund, we suggest the following:

1. Fill out our surrender form at: and fill out a surrender request. That way we will have all the information we need on the dog & a picture, so that we can start the process. However, all our foster homes are full right now, so they will have to go on our waiting list.

2. Offer to keep the dog while FLDR (or another rescue) helps you to find your dog a home. We can list your dog on our website as a Courtesy Post for you, if you can provide proof that it is spayed or neutered.

3. A large limitation in taking in a new dog is funds. If you can take care of any vetting needs your dog has before turning him or her over or make a donation to help cover the costs of caring for them, that would be extremely helpful.

4. If FLDR is unable to help you, please check with another responsible rescue group. (All American Dachshund Rescue, Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue, D.A.R.E. (Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education), Dachshund Rescue South Florida, Guardian Angel Dog Rescue, Underdog Rescue, Canine Castaways, Florida Little Dog Rescue).  It is important to realize that if you do take your dog to a county animal control facility, the dogs who are turned in by their owners are the first dogs euthanized. (Most facilities have a 3-5 day holding period in case a lost dog’s family comes forward. In the case of an owner surrender, there is no need to wait.)

PLEASE be responsible and take as long as it takes to find another home or rescue for your dog. Your dog’s life depends on it.