Get Involved

Adopt a Dachshund ~ please fill out an adoption application: Adoption Application

Foster a Dachshund ~ if you are interested in fostering, please fill out a foster application: Foster Application

Sponsor one of our Doxies in Need ~ Watch our website & Facebook page to see what dachshund we may need to raise funds for. Click on the link to help sponsor (donate) for that doxie.

Volunteer ~ please fill out a volunteer application to help with transports, application processing, home visits, event staff, etc.: Volunteer Application

Donate ~ go to our Donations page to donate through PayPal or see where to mail a check and other donation ideas: Donation Page

What else can I do? ~ Educate, Network, Cross-Post

There are far more dachshunds than there are homes, please do not add more to that number. If you cannot donate time or money, the biggest thing you can do to help dachshunds is make sure your own are spayed or neutered!  Until we have licked the over-population problem, adopt instead of buying from a breeder or pet store.  Talk about rescue to everyone you know. Let them know that rescue dogs are not “problem” dogs — they are just dogs that need a new forever home.

EVERYONE can do SOMETHING to help save a life!