The 3 Amigos!

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hercules-shelterThe 3 senior dachshunds from the Seminole County Animal Services that were dumped when their owner died, were rescued on Christmas Eve and are safe in a foster home!

seminole-co-seniors3It was a Christmas Miracle that we found a foster home willing to take all 3 of them and a volunteer to get them from the shelter and drive them to meet the foster home, all on Christmas Eve! But that is how great all our volunteers are and everyone rallied to help. We have nicknamed them “The 3 Amigos” and they are all resting comfortably in a nice home tonight!

Hercules, Pugg & Sonja are all at least 10 years old and were at the shelter for over 3 weeks.  They are all very thin, had fleas when they first came to the shelter and were very sad and scared.  While at the shelter they developed kennel cough.

Here are their first “freedom pictures”.  The collage is from their ride to their new foster home and the other is their first meal out of the shelter.

freedom-collage first meal

Hercules has a previous back injury, has trouble walking and sometimes cannot make it outside to go potty. He has a bad cough, very bad teeth, hair loss & will need to see a vet soon.

Pugg is not yet neutered, has a hump in his back, has a cough, very bad teeth, a possible bladder infection, hair loss & will need to see a vet soon.

Sonja is in the best condition, but she has a cough, hair loss, very bad teeth, a large lump on her neck and will also need to see a vet soon.

All 3 dogs will need several vet visits, dentals, medication, Pugg needs neutered & Sonja will need the lump on her neck checked and possibly removed.

UPDATE 12/25/13: The 3 Amigos got to spend some time outside today, exploring and enjoying a nice day in the grass. They all seem to be very happy to be out of the shelter!


Now that their foster mom has spent some time with all the sweet seniors, she reports that Hercules is the weakest & sickest. He is getting lots of love and good food now and tomorrow they will all go to the vet to evaluate what is needed.

UPDATE 12/26/13: All the Amigos went to the vet today. Hercules old back injury does not seem to be causing him any pain. He does have arthritis, a dental infection, very bad teeth and is on a new antibiotic for his cough. The vet feels with good food, a dental and some time, he will get much healthier and should be fine. Pugg has a prolapsed penis, is not neutered, will need a dental & is not having any pain from the hump in his back. Sonja is the healthiest, but has some loose teeth, needs a dental and needs the lump on her neck further examined. Considering their age and what they have been through, this is all pretty good news. They will be going to another vet next week for further evaluation, blood tests and hopefully to schedule their dental surgeries.


UPDATE 12/27/13: Foster mom says: Today Sonja turned into the most loving little dog!!! She all of a sudden just started being super affectionate. It’s amazing! We are doing baths tonight and I will take more pics. Hercules has been up walking around a bit more today. We were having a hard time getting him to eat last night, but today no problem. Then there’s Pugg, Pugg is “Mr. Personality” I tell you! He is the star of the show. At least he thinks he is! He keeps a very watchful eye over his brother, Hercules. He loves him very, very much! He is always snuggling with him. It’s absolutely cute as can be.


UPDATE 12/28/13: Last night was bath time for the 3 Amigos. They are all clean & smell good now! They all tolerated it well, but Sonja is ignoring foster mom now…lol!


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