Ruby Has a Huge Tumor

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ocas-A276618Ruby is a sweet female dachshund we rescued from Orange County Animal Services. She has 2 mammary tumors and one is the size of a grapefruit!

Ruby was found as a stray and taken to the shelter. She was held for 5 days and no one came for her. FLDR rescued her and took her to the vet for an exam, blood tests & x-rays. The vet estimates her age at 8-9 years old. She has a mammary tumor on her chest and another one that is 10-12 cm big and hanging between her back legs, that effects how she walks. It looks like it has been growing for a long time. Luckily, all the blood tests and x-rays came back fine and the tumors will be removed on Thursday, 10/17.


Ruby Videos:

Because Ruby’s huge tumor effects her walking, her foster mom put a belly band around it to hold it up. She is walking better and will be walking great after the tumors are removed!


RUBY UPDATE 10/19/13: Ruby had surgery on 10/17 to remove the tumors, but after removing the tumor on her chest, the vet moved to the huge tumor and found it was not a tumor at all…it was her intestines! A hernia had ruptured and her intestines were in that big sack she was dragging around. Luckily the intestines looked healthy and the vet was able to put them back where they belonged, spay her and close her back up.

Unfortunately, Ruby threw up during the night and opened up one of her sutures and the intestines came back out. So, it was decided that she be moved to a specialist. She was moved yesterday (10/18) and had a second surgery in the afternoon. They said it was good news that the hernia had not opened back up, but her spay site had opened. They were able to put the intestines back again and close her back up with sutures. She spent the night there and was able to start eating. She does have diarrhea today, but she is being picked up to go back to her foster home today.

We have increased Ruby’s FundRazr to include the additional costs for the vet specialist, additional surgery, overnight stay, additional medications and follow up care. Thank you for any help you can provide!

UPDATE 10/24/2013:  Ruby is doing well after her second surgery and resting comfortably.  She has a long healing road to go, but she is a trooper.  She did have some swelling that needed to be checked at the specialist yesterday and have an ultrasound, but it was determined to be a normal part of the healing process.  Thanks for the support & well wishes.


UPDATE 11/3/2013: Ruby got her staples removed this week and is cleared from the specialist. She is doing great, as you can see from the pictures and video below. She is still on antibiotics for a bladder infection, but hopefully that will clear up soon and she can get her teeth cleaned in a few weeks. We expect her to loose many of her teeth, but know she will be much better off after that.

ruby8  ruby9



UPDATE 11/24/2013: Ruby has fully recovered from her surgery and is now available for adoption!