Buddy’s Story

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buddy-shelterBuddy is a sweet 1 year old dachshund mix who was confiscated from his abusive owner by the Winter Garden Police Department. He was then taken to the animal shelter, where they found he had a broken leg.

Animal Services contacted Florida Dachshund Rescue and let us know that Buddy needed rescue & that the Winter Garden Police Department was willing to help with his medical costs.  FLDR stepped up to take him. The Winter Garden Police Department took a special interest in Buddy and have been trying to raise funds for his medical care. This is part of what they sent out to the employees of the city of Winter Garden: “Two weeks ago a small dog was being forced to walk a long distance on a day that was over 90 degrees. When he gave out, his owner beat, kicked and drug him with his leash. When officers arrived on the scene his lower extremities were motionless. He was taken to Animal Services and he has a broken left rear leg.”  The owner that was responsible for the abuse, was arrested.  This is a picture of Buddy, the day they found him:


After FLDR rescued Buddy from the shelter, we found out that one of the City of Winter Garden employee’s brother-in-law is a vet and he offered to do the surgery for free.  So, Buddy is going to Ft. Lauderdale to Dr. Christopher Smith at Bayview Animal Hospital to have the leg surgery he needs.  He will stay with Dr. Smith for 3 weeks, before he comes back to his foster home in Cocoa for the rest of his recovery time.  Buddy already has several people interested in adopting him when he is ready!


FLDR wants to thank the Winter Garden Police Department, Deputy Chief Bill Sullivan, Detective Dave Clarke, the City of Winter Garden, city Employee Laura Smith, Dr. Christopher Smith, Bayview Animal Hospital and everyone who helped save this dog and/or donated for his medical treatment.

UPDATE 9/7/2013: Buddy saw Dr. Smith this morning in Ft. Lauderdale. He has an upper respiratory infection and the broken bone has now shifted, based on the new x-rays, which means the surgery will be more invasive. Dr. Smith is going to do the surgery tomorrow. Please keep Buddy in your throughts & prayers for his surgery and recovery.

Buddy resting in Ft. Lauderdale, the day before surgery:

Buddy resting in Ft. Lauderdale, the day before surgery

Buddy resting in Ft. Lauderdale, the day before surgery

UPDATE 9/8/2013: Buddy had his surgery today and it went well. Dr. Smith said the break was a little worse then originally thought and he had an abscess on his leg, but he got through the surgery fine and now has 2 pins in his leg. Will post post-op pictures soon. Thanks for all the well wishes!



Update 11/7/13:  Buddy’s leg is doing great and he has been adopted!