Milton 4

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santa-rosa-animal-control24 Dachshunds were dumped together in a shelter in the panhandle of Florida (Milton). They were unadoptable due to skin issues. Florida Dachshund Rescue stepped up to take all 4. These doxies were posted on Facebook and many people tried to help them and offered pledges! We had them tested for mange, but it was just flea dermatitis and probably bad or little food caused their skin issues.

There are 2 females and 2 males, ages 2, 3, 5 & 7. We have named them Minnie, Daisy, Mickey & Pluto. They will need spayed/neutered, all vaccinations, some mammary tumors removed, dentals and lots of good food.

UPDATE 4/3/13: The pictures below show the Milton 4 getting out of the shelter yesterday, their terribly long nails (which have now been cut), eating and resting in their temporary foster home. They will be flying on a flight with Pilots N Paws on Friday to their new foster home. They went to the vet today and got new antibiotics and flea treatment. And they were all heartworm negative!  Thank you Kim for helping them escape!

UPDATE 4/5/13: The Milton 4 flew from the Panhandle to their foster home in Southwest Florida! We want to thank Kim for picking them up at the shelter and caring for them for 4 days! Thank you Leonard for picking them up and getting them to the airport today! Thank you Pilots N Paws for flying them to Lakeland. Thank you Lois for picking them up from the airport and thank you Colleen for taking them to their foster home! And last, but not least, thank you Mel for coordinating the transport!!! We could not have done this without all of you!


UPDATE 4/6/13: It is with extreme sadness that we share that Pluto, the oldest male, went to the rainbow bridge early Saturday morning. He made it to his foster home, but would not eat or drink. Despite our best efforts, he passed quietly in his foster mom’s arms. He just could not overcome his terrible past. Rest in peace sweet Pluto. You were loved!


UPDATE 4/7/13:  The remaining 3 doxies are very weak, but holding their own. Daisy, the oldest female is the weakest.  They will be going to the vet for another checkup on Monday, 4/8/13.


UPDATE 4/8/13:  Mickey, Minnie & Daisy are at the vet and they all have pneumonia.  They will be staying a few days to get stronger antibiotics and breathing treatments.  But they are all fighters, so say a prayer for them.

UPDATE 4/9/13:  The Milton kids are all doing better after a day of treatment for their pneumonia.  Daisy, the oldest female, is up and can walk now.  She has not been able to do that since she was picked up from the shelter.  Minnie is very sweet and loves to give kisses and Mickey is the most active. Below they are enjoying some time outside with their foster mom, Deb Bird.  Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes for these sweet doxies.


UPDATE 4/12/13:  All the Milton dogs came home to their foster home today. They all seemed to be doing well and will be going back for more treatment at the vet on Monday. In the meantime, their foster mom is giving them good food, love and attention.

UPDATE 4/13/13:  Minnie, the youngest female is not eating or drinking today. She is not walking around and is shivering. She is going back to the vet this evening, to get further treatment and evaluate her condition. Please say a prayer for little Minnie.

UPDATE 4/15/13: Daisy & Minnie are at the vet getting additional treatment for their pneumonia. Daisy is good and Minnie is holding her own. We are taking it one day at a time, but so far, so good. Mickey, he is still at his foster home and doing GREAT! He is acting like a normal dog and seems to be over his pneumonia. He is running and jumping around and eating like a horse. He is doing so well he will probably be getting neutered and a dental this week.



UPDATE 4/18/13: Mickey was well enough this week to get neutered and have a dental. He lost most of his back teeth, but still has some front teeth that are now nice & clean. He still takes several medications a day and is having an eye issue that will need to be checked by a specialist. See before & after pictures below:

UPDATE 4/19/13: Daisy and Minnie are still at the vet getting daily treatments for their pneumonia. They are both holding their own, but are not well enough to come home to their foster home yet. Their expenses are growing daily, since they still need daily vet care and medications. Below are pictures of them at the vet. Daisy has mammary tumors that need to be checked further, maybe biopsied and removed. We will update you on that when more information is available.

UPDATE 4/25/13: Mickey went to the eye specialist yesterday and he has a ulcer on his cornea. We don’t know how long he has had it, but they can be very painful and cause light sensitivity. He was squinting, closing his eye in sunlight, had some green discharge (see picture below) and his foster mom noticed what looked like a dent in his eye. Right now, we are trying to avoid surgery, so he is on 9 medications to help heal the ulcer. They are a combination of oral meds and eye drops. They have to be given or administered from 2 to 6 times a day. This will keep his foster mom quite busy! But it is worth it to help Mickey’s eye get better. The eye specialist & medications were very expensive, so please help with a donation if you can, to help cover the costs.


UPDATE 4/29/13: Daisy & Minnie are doing well. Minnie will be getting spayed soon. Mickey’s eye seems to be doing better.


UPDATE 5/10/13: The Milton Doxies want to thank “I Love Dachshunds” ( for the Pocket Blankets they donated to them! They love them. See pictures and video below:


Mickey, Minnie & Daisy also want to thank Rebecca Anderson for donating blankets to them. They need lots of blankies to cuddle up in, so they love them all! See pictures and video below:


UPDATE 5/12/13: Happy Mother’s Day! The Milton Doxies are doing GREAT!! Both Daisy & Minnie have been spayed and Minnie had her dental. Mickey’s eye is better and they are all gaining weight and looking so much better! Daisy still needs a dental soon, but she is a champ and will be fine! Thank you everyone who donated for their care!

UPDATE 5/25/13: The Milton Doxies have made an amazing recovery. Mickey went for his follow up visit to the eye specialist last week, his eye is doing great and there seems to be no vision loss. He will need to be on eye drops for the rest of his life, but his eye looks normal and he doesn’t keep it closed all the time, anymore. Minnie, Mickey & Daisy are all healthy & happy and ready for their new forever homes. Minnie & Mickey are very bonded and need to be adopted together. After Daisy gets her teeth cleaned this week, she may be going to her new forever home! See the amazing before an after pictures below: