Saving Sam

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Meet Sam, a sweet, somewhat reserved 18 month old boy who came into rescue in early September. Sam’s elderly owner died and he was taken to the vet, because the extended family did not want him.

Sam was born with a blood vessel bypassing his liver, therefore not all of his blood is being filtered properly.  Fortunately, this was discovered at a very young age because the effect over time without surgery, would do irreparable damage to his organs.  A surgical procedure could completely correct the problem, giving Sam the chance to live a normal, healthy and long life.  FLDR would like to provide Sam with this surgery.  It is critical that the surgery be done in the VERY near future, as the most positive prognosis, greater than 90% chance of normal liver function post-operative, occurs in cases when the surgery is done before 2 yrs. of age.

So, we NEED your HELP!!!!  An ultrasound to determine the exact location of the vessels bypassing the liver and the corrective surgical procedure are estimated to cost $3000 to $4000.  With your generous donations and passing Sam’s story onto others, we hope to raise the funds and give Sam this surgery.  Sam is a beautiful, young, otherwise healthy boy who deserves the opportunity for the chance at a normal, happy future! With YOUR help we can do this!!!!

UPDATE 9/20/12:  Based on the ultrasound, it is the best case scenario!!  A single extra hepatic shunt.  Just need to get his belly staph infection cleared up & then schedule his surgery.  Thank you to everyone that has helped so far!


UPDATE 9/30/12:  Sam’s staph infection is doing better.  He will be going back to the vet to get evaluated soon to decide when his surgery will be.

UPDATE 10/5/12: Sam has a recheck appointment coming up on 10/15/12 to see if his staph infection has cleared up enough to have his surgery done. If he is cleared, he will have surgery 10/16/12, let’s all hope for the best!!!!

UPDATE 10/15/12: Sam has been cleared for surgery.  His staph infection is much better and he has lost a few pounds.  His surgery will be tomorrow, 10/16/12.  Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers.  We will post updates & pictures after the surgery.

Sam the night before surgery:

UPDATE 10/16/12: Sam is out of surgery and doing well. They found a single extra hepatic shunt, as shown in the ultrasound. We will be posting more updates and pictures of him soon. Thanks to everyone who offered good wishes and prayed for him. He is a trooper!

UPDATE 10/17/12: Sam is doing great the day after his surgery. These are pictures of him and his surgery scar:

UPDATE 10/18/12: Sam came home from the hospital today! He is doing great!

UPDATE 10/21/12: Sam is doing very well post-op!! He is starting to feel more like himself everyday….even wanting to play with the resident doxies. He will be on limited activity for another week and then have his stitches removed. Sam continues to melt everyone’s heart the moment they meet him, he is such a sweet boy. Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and donations—we are still needing to raise money for the surgery, so we appreciate everyone continuing to spread the word about this wonderful doxie!! Sam will be looking forward to finding his new forever home soon!!

UPDATE 10/23/12: Sam is doing great, post-surgery!


UPDATE 11/11/12:  Sam is doing great!  He thanks everyone who has donated for his surgery and care!


Any amount you can donate will help and is much appreciated! Please click on the “Give” button in the PayPal widget below. If you prefer to mail a check, please make it out to Florida Dachshund Rescue with a note that it is for Sam and mail it to our treasurer at:

Maria Lachney, Treasurer
Florida Dachshund Rescue
4115 Ione Court
Auburndale, FL 33823

Sam even has his own Facebook page: Saving Sam.  Please come “Like” it and share with your friends! And please say a prayer for Sam. Thank you from Sam & FLDR.