Hercules Needs a Biopsy

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Hercules came from a filthy living environment and was kept in a cat size plastic crate about 12 hours a day. He was very thin, had watery stools & would barely eat anything. Many different tests and treatments have been done, but none have worked so far. Based on his history, signs, and blood test findings, Hercules has a type of Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE). This “diagnosis” encompasses several diseases which are severe enough to cause protein loss through his intestinal tract (into his feces). His albumin level (a protein) in his blood is currently significantly decreased. He is also losing weight. The internal medicine specialist veterinarian says he needs a biopsy to determine exactly what is going on with him. The biopsy will cost from $3000 to $4000 and that is a lot for a rescue!  So we need your help!  We need to raise the money to pay for the biopsy.

  UPDATE 8/22/12:  We have raised over $1000 for Hercules biopsy, so we have decided to get the biopsy done this Friday (8/24). He goes to the surgery center tomorrow at 11 AM and will get fluids and testing during the day to prepare him for the biopsy on Friday.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that all goes well! We still need to keep up the fundraising for him, because the biopsy will cost up to $4000.  Please keep sharing with friends and family to help raise the rest of the money needed.  Thank you so much to everyone that has donated and shared his story!  Don’t forget to come “Like” his Facebook page: Helping Hercules. 8/23/12:  Hercules went to the surgery center today to get prepped for his biopsy tomorrow. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers. His biopsy is scheduled from tomorrow about 8:30 AM.   He is down to 7.5 lbs. today. He has lost a pound since he first went to the internal medicine specialist in June.

UPDATE 8/24/12: Hercules made it through the biopsy like a champ! No problems or complications and he is already waking up from the procedure. They were able to get a small piece of everything they needed to send out for testing. I will be going to visit him later today or tomorrow and take some pictures to post. It will take 5-7 days to get results back. Hopefully he will be able to come home Monday. Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers! 8/25/12:  Hercules was feeling much better today when I visited him.  I held him and sat with him for about 30 minutes.  He seemed happy to see me, but was still more quiet than usual.  I will get a call tomorrow to give me an update.  Paws crossed he can come home Monday!

UPDATE 8/27/12: HERCULES CAME HOME TODAY! He is very happy to be back with foster mom and his foster brothers! He has a very large incision in his stomach area and is very bruised (see picture below). But he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. He loves to be carried (even before the biopsy), so foster mom made a “Moby” like wrap carrier for Hercules (yes, foster mom is a little nutty). It is called a “Fauxby”! He has been in it ever since he got home and loves it (see pictures below). The total for Hercules’ biopsy and hospital stay was a little over $4000, so we still need to raise funds to pay for his biopsy. Please help if you can or buy FLDR Christmas Ornaments at Doxie Christmas Ornaments and use Hercules’ PayPal Widget, so your ornament purchase will go towards his expenses.

UPDATE 9/2/12: Thursday, 8/30, Hercules decided to scratch his stitches when I wasn’t looking and pulled several of them out. I took him to the vet and they said he had healed already, so they removed them! The biopsy results came back and he has Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease and slight cirrhosis of the liver. Good news is there was no cancer or other diseases found. Next week we will find out what treatment options there are to help him stop losing protein and start gaining weight. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to help pay for Hercules biopsy. Extra thanks to Lorrie from What’s Up Dox Dachshund Shoppe for having a raffle & collecting $1000 for Hercules!!

Hercules playing and barking outside:

UPDATE 9/18/12:  Hercules went back to the internal medicine specialist today and had some blood tests to see how the new medicine is working.  We got good news!  The new medicine seems to be working.  He is losing less protein, his liver enzymes are better and the new diet has helped his previously loose stool, become almost normal.  He has not gained any weight yet, but he has not lost any either.  So, we are going to continue on this course and see if he gains weight!  Thanks to everyone who has been sending him well wishes! ♥

1/7/2013: It is with extreme sadness that I tell everyone Hercules went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He got very sick on Friday and his condition deteriorated over the weekend. Hercules was a sweet boy who had an incurable disease that he just could not overcome.

Thank you to everyone who donated to his biopsy and offered thoughts and prayers for him. Rest in peace sweet Hercules, you will be missed!