Little Lulu

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Lulu is scheduled to have major surgery tomorrow and needs your support. Lulu is a beautiful little girl approximately a year old who was found on the side of the road in near 100 degree weather. She has fractures on the head of her left and right femur. Basically, the balls on top of her thigh bone that rotate on the pelvis are broken beyond repair.

The only treatment option for Lulu is to have both heads completely removed. She will be having surgery tomorrow, Friday, morning (7/13/12). We learned that people and dogs with physical therapy, learn to walk and run after this surgery. Besides the fractures, Lulu is a vibrant, sweet, loving dog who has every chance at a complete recovery. The costs related to her surgery are high and we can use donations to help with this surgery & her care. We will be updating everyone on her progress frequently. Please pray for Lulu tomorrow morning.

7/13/12: Lulu on her way to surgery! Paws crossed all goes well.

7/13/12 ~ After surgery: Lulu had her surgery this afternoon and according to the surgeon, she did great. Both her femoral heads and neck were removed. Her surgical areas are being iced for the next 48 hours. She is resting comfortable with an IV for fluids and pain medicine. We will keep you updated through the weekend. Lulu is scheduled to come home Monday at 11 AM. She was a trooper! Thank you for your thought and prayers!

UPDATE 7/16/12: Little Lulu came home today! She has been recovering very well. She is starting to walk but is still quite tired. She is taking pain and anti-inflammatory medications. She can take a few steps then gets quite tired. She really dislikes the ecollar but needs to wear it so she does not bite her sutures. Right now she is resting in her favorite bed with her foster family around her attending to all her needs! I think every day will get better. One interesting finding…the vet thinks she is about 8-9 months old. So she is likely younger than we thought! Lulu thanks you all for praying for her!


7/19/12: Pictures of Lulu looking much more comfortable with her “tube” collar. A big improvement from that plastic one!


7/24/12: Lulu had her sutures removed yesterday! She is going great! She is encouraged to take walks on a leash and do range of motion exercises. Today Lulu walked one house down! It’s a wonderful start. She is off all medications and has no limitations. As she regains muscle strength, she will be able to do more. Lulu is a playful puppy. She likes chewing toys and toes (we are working on that)! She loves her doxie brothers and sisters. She also loves to be around her human sisters! Lulu and FLDR appreciate your prayers, thoughts and donations. Without your help, Lulu could not have the bright future she now has!


Update 8/25/12: Lulu continues to do wonderful with her recovery. She is 5 weeks out of surgery and is running, playing, and swimming! Her personality has revealed itself to be a very outgoing, playful young girl who loves to be with people and other dogs. Her therapy consists of daily walks, walking on uneven surfaces and swimming. She is a mega hunter and can spends hours in the backyard if you let her! She is now scheduled Monday, August 27th to get spayed. Once she recovers from that she will be ready to find her forever family. Thank you to all who donated to change Lulu’s life.

UPDATE 9/8/12: Lulu has recovered from her surgery & is available for adoption.