Leo the Senior

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Leo was taken to Animal Services last week when a landlord went to his rental house, after the tenants moved out.  He found 3 dogs there all alone with no food or water!  Poor Leo was infested with fleas, has flea dermatitis, his skin is a mess with some warts on his stomach, has tape worms and is not neutered. Luckily he is heartworm negative and does NOT have mange!

He is a sweet senior boy over 10 years old.  He has some missing teeth and needs a good dental cleaning. He was so happy to be out of the shelter, learned the doggie door right away and has not had any accidents in his foster home.

UPDATE 7/9/12: Leo went to the vet today and he has a staph infection, double ear infections, bad teeth and won’t be able to get neutered & a dental for at least 2 weeks. He is on several medications to help him over this hump.