Mama & 3 puppies

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We just recieved a mama and three puppies (6/23/12). They were dumped in the woods (probably after they became too much trouble). When one puppy was hit by a car and killed, a good samaritan stopped. He buried the puppy and started looking for more.

He found a mama and three puppies.  They are about 10 weeks old and mama is close to catatonic.  They all have demodectic mange (not contagious), but are in great need of love & care.  Mama is dried up and no longer even knows she has pups.  They will be at the vet for at least a week.  Mama is heartworm positive and will need treatment for that too.  These pictures are of 2 of the puppies.  We will add more pictures showing their progress.

The vet bills are adding up, so we could really use your help and donations to assist with their care.  Thanks to Dr. Vargas of All Pets Clinic in Bradenton for the excellent care you are providing for these doxies in need.

Update ~ 6/28/12:  Mama & the puppies have escaped from the vet and are spending the weekend at the Bird’s Doxie Farm & Spa (our president’s house).  The mama has come out of her shellshock, is reconnected to the pups and actively wants attention.  She’s very sweet and an excellent mom.

We are having a “naming contest”!  Post on our Facebook page what you would like to name the 2 red females, 1 male black & tan and the mama (a black & tan also): FLDR Facebook Page.  We will let you know what we pick!

6/29/12:  Thank you everyone for your creative name ideas for the mom and pups. And the winning names are:

Mama is named Bella
Red female puppy #1 (the weakest right now) is named Hope
Red female puppy #2 (the chubbiest puppy) is named Faith
Black & tan male puppy (the runt) is named Champ

They are doing well at the Bird’s Doxie Farm & Spa and will be going to their foster homes soon.

Update ~ 7/3/12: Bella (mama), Faith, Hope & Champ are having a great time and so glad to be down on the farm! Watch these videos showing them running & having fun: